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There are many different duties that are available for our volunteers. Here is a general list of skills that make a wonderful volunteer!


top of course

a happy person even in the elements

starts race timely and efficiently

holds course during maintenance, injuries, etc…

announces rider numbers clearly on radios

engages in OISA appropriate radio protocol

uses radio to communicate with finish area corral/ judges

follows correct running order

ensures correct brackets for sbx

top of course

assists the starter

works with coaches and starter at top of course to assemble/ stage riders for run order

very vocal person with great communication skills

engages in OISA appropriate radio protocol

must feel comfortable in the starter position as well

tracks results and stages brackets for sbx


A fair person

understands & enforces OISA rules

prevents public from entering course during OISA events

ensures course is safe and clear for riders

uses hand signals/flags to

  • hold course
  • a rider is down or injured
  • course maintenance / prep

acts as a gate judge during BS/SBX

informs starter and judges of missed gates, fouls,  OISA rule infractions

engages in OISA appropriate radio protocol

understands OISA Protest Policy

bottom of course

holds riders at finish until cleared by judges

informs riders of next heat (sbx)

responsible for informing riders of reruns and DQ’s

submits correct finish order for sbx to scorekeeper

engages in OISA appropriate radio protocol

relays order to the starter for next brackets (this job may be done by the scorekeeper)

bottom of course/ lodge

tracks and records all scores for HP,SS,BS and SBX events

engages in OISA appropriate radio protocol

compiles and publishes competition results for the league

top of course (staging area)

be able to ski or ride with equipment

set-up(early load with coaches)

  • league and school banners on course
  • assist coaches to set gates for race events.

tear-down(end of event, immediately after last rider)

  • banners at end of the event
  • take down gates at end of event
  • stack neatly at the bottom of course

bottom of course

run scores between course and lodge

available to run miscellaneous errands  during events

assists other course workers