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Metro Slopestyle

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Metro Banked Slalom

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Coaches Clinic

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The Last Coaches Clinic of the year is Tuesday Dec 2nd 7:00PM:  All coaches this year are required to attend one of our OISA Coaches Clinics.

Location: Boy Scouts Office, 2145 SW Naito Parkway.

We will be going over some coaching techniques, what’s new this year and will receive your annual concussion management training.

Metro HP 3/8/14

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Here are the results from the Metro HP on 3/8/14:

2014-03-08-Metro -Halfpipe – Individual

2014-03-08-Metro -Halfpipe – Team

Metro SS 2/15/14

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Metro powered through a blustery, cold, wet day for some SS action. Results are below.

2014-02-15-Metro -Slopestyle – Individual

2014-02-15-Metro -Slopestyle – Team

Metro SS 2/2/14

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Metro SS 2/2/14

Metro kicked off their season with a successful Slopestyle! Results are below.



2014-02-02-Metro -Slopestyle – Individual

014-02-02-Metro -Slopestyle – Team

Hiefield Scholarship Updates!

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Hiefield Scholarship Updates!


The Hiefield Scholarship will be awarded on October 29th 2013. We got so many applications that we needed more time to review them and make a decision! We will post on the 29th. Keep checking back.




Winners will be announced on October 25th .
*Only current OISA members whose team trains regularly at Mt. Hood Meadows will be considered for this scholarship*
Go here for the 2013-14 application.

2013 / 14 OISA Registration Packet

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2013 / 14 OISA Registration Packet

The 2013-14 season is upon us. We are really excited to have another epic season in Oregon. Snowboarding is wonderful!

Go to the Registration Page for more info. If you have any questions please contact Susie Shinn, OISA Board Secretary.

Remember you have to complete your school paperwork, the resort (training & competition) paperwork. Please refer to school and resort paperwork for their deadlines.

OISA Paperwork is due back complete & paid by November 17th 2013, by 11am.




May the snow fall light and soon


2013 Metro State Results

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OISA State Snowboarding Championships Competition Report – March 14th – 16th:
The OISA State Snowboarding Championships from March 14th through 16th was awesome!  The weather was excellent, Mt Bachelor and competition venues were good, and our Metro League riders competed and placed very well — especially our girls!  Metro League had 24 Boys and 12 Girls compete in Banked Slalom, Snowboard Cross, Slopestyle and/or Half Pipe.  Final competition results are attached.  A huge thanks to all our Parent Volunteers and Coaches who helped!
Congratulations to the top 6 Banked Slalom Individuals:
Boys:  15th place Ben Grayzel (Cleveland), 24th place Matt Classen (Central Catholic), 26th place Adam Eichacker (Grant), 27th place Conner Welty (Grant), 40th place Michael Mishima (Central Catholic), and 45th place Alex Lygo (Grant)
Girls:  1st place Lucia Toth (Grant), 4th place Emma Ronai-Durning (Lincoln), 6th place Taylor Penner-Ash (Riverdale), 7th place Tiffany Puterbaugh (Riverdale), 14th place Cassidy Smith (Lincoln), and 15th place Abbie Parr (Lincoln)
Congratulations to the top Banked Slalom Squads:
Boys:  11th place Grant and 15th place Cleveland, and 16th place Central Catholic
Girls:  3rd place Riverdale and 4th place Lincoln
Congratulations to the Snowboard Cross finalists:
Boys:  4th place Ben Grayzel (Cleveland)
Girls:  2nd place Emma Ronai-Durning (Lincoln), 3rd place Cassidy Smith (Lincoln), and 4th place Tiffany Puterbaugh (Riverdale)
Congratulations to the top 6 Slopestyle Individuals:
Boys:  42nd place Ben Grayzel (Cleveland), 45th place Adam Eichacker (Grant), 47th place Conner Welty (Grant), 50th place Michael Mishima (Central Catholic), 52nd place Quentin Carter (Grant), and 54th place Matt Classen (Central Catholic)
Girls:  1st place Emma Ronai-Durning (Lincoln), 5th place Tiffany Puterbaugh (Riverdale), 6th place Lucia Toth (Grant), 8th place Elizabeth Bartlett (Riverdale), 9th place Cassidy Smith (Lincoln), and 14th place Kelsey Parr (Lincoln)
Congratulations to the top Slopestyle Squads:
Boys:  9th place Grant and 10th place Lincoln
Girls:  1st place Lincoln
Congratulations to the top 6 Half Pipe Individuals:
Boys:  11th place Adam Eichacker (Grant), 25th place Harley Nerheim-Chereck, 30th place Ben Grayzel (Cleveland), 31st place Michael Mishima (Central Catholic), 35th place Quentin Carter (Grant), and 36th place Graham Harris (Grant)
Girls:  3rd place Kelsey Parr (Lincoln), 4th place Cassidy Smith (Lincoln), 7th place Lucia Toth (Grant), 8th place Taylor Penner-Ash (Riverdale), and 10th place Abbie Parr (Lincoln)

Congratulations to the Half Pipe Squads:
Boys:  4th place Grant
Girls:  2nd place Lincoln

Congratulations to our Sato Cup finalists:

Girls:  2nd place Lincoln and 6th place Riverdale

Thanks again to all the Parents and Volunteers who run the Teams and help with competitions.  Thanks to all our awesome Coaches.  None of this would happen without your commitment, dedication and hard work!  I look forward to your participation next year!