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Start A Team

Are you interested in being on a team in the OISA? We would enjoy having you be a part of it!

You can start a team with just one rider and a savvy parent.

If you would like to learn more, feel free to join us at the Fall General Meeting on September 22nd @10am

2145 SW Naito Parkway Portland Oregon

We will have more information here about starting a team after the Fall General Meeting.


How do I start an O.I.S.A. team?
Parent volunteers are the ‘backbone’ of your program. ‘Many hands make light work’, so find a few who are committed, and others that may not have as much time to give, but are willing to contribute. Ask for permission to promote the team at school, put up signs, have interest meetings, and get your group together. Associate Teams can start with just 1 rider, so start with yourself, and go from there.
Post a flier at school, put something in the announcements, advertise it to your school.

Registration is due on November 17th. Don’t wait until the last minute. Start bringing your friends together and talking to parents as soon as school starts. You don’t want to miss the deadline. Contact O.I.S.A. Board members for help.

3. Connect with OTHER TEAMS
Other teams that are near your school are an amazing resource. Attend the O.I.S.A. meetings (you don’t have to be a member) and ask questions. This organization has grown every season due to the willingness of people to step up and help one another…so please, ask for help…and you will receive it. As soon as the O.I.S.A. determines which league to place your new team in, you will have the League President, and Officers to assist you as well.

Most O.I.S.A. Teams and Leagues practice and compete on Mt. Hood but you can practice anywhere. Teams from Southern Oregon practice at Mt. Ashland and consistently win awards at the State Championships. You will want a location that you can get to easily and frequently. Contact the resort and see what accommodations and considerations they can offer high school teams. Check to see if they have forms you will need to fill out.
Meadows: Chris Kastner chris.kastner@skihood.com T-line: Jenny Johnson jjohnson@timberlinelodge.com Ski Bowl: Hans Wipper hwipper@skibowl.com

Set up a practice schedule, and ask your league & ‘neighboring’ teams to help you find bussing connections. FYI This is a major team expense. Use the yellow pages and be persistent. Some tour operators drive vans that can be an option for small teams. Some teams double up in larger busses to share. The larger the team you can recruit, the less each individual has to pay for transportation. There are options, just ask around.
RAZ Transportation, Your High school Buses, Greasebus, etc…

This can be another major cost. Many teams have been using the Boy Scouts of America to cover the team adequately at low cost. The O.I.S.A. will have contact names and numbers for you. There are other options out there as well. It‘s your team’s choice but you must have insurance.
Boy Scouts: Megan Wiesneski mwiesneski@cpcbsa.org

7. Find a COACH
Again, the O.I.S.A., your league & ‘neighboring’ teams can help. Look for people in your areas that you are familiar with, and who are ‘qualified’ to work with kids. Please also, check with your school rules to make sure the coach satisfies all of your school requirements. Try local shops, and the resorts as well. Many coaches also instruct at the resorts. If you can put together a large team, it would be wise to think about assistant coaches too. We recommend a minimum ratio of 1:7 and a maximum of 1:10 coach:rider relationship. It is proper to provide coaches with a pass and some sort of compensation.

8. Remember the DEADLINES
All O.I.S.A. paperwork and fees are due to the Secretary byNovember 17th. We can talk about a little flexibility but cannot register “NEW” teams after December 15th.

Here is a downloadable copy for your reference: