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Congratulations to the recipient of the 2014 OISA Shredwell Scholarship:  Cory Christensen from the LaSalle High School Snowboarding Team (Sunset League).  Cory will be attending Oregon State University this fall studying Biomedical Engineering. This year’s Shredwell scholarship award has been raised to $2,600.  $1,000 comes from the OISA, $700 from […]

And The 2014 Shredwell Scholarship Goes To…

Gorge League asked for snow and we got it! February 14th was our first comp of the season and our Slopestyle event was EPIC! Rails and Boxes and Jumps, OH MY! Below are our results and a sampling of the fun we had. 2014-02-14-Gorge – Slopestyle

Gorge SS 2/14/14

Here are the results for Sunset’s Banked Slalom and Bodercross competition: 2014-02-22-Sunset -Banked Slalom – Girls 2014-02-22-Sunset -Banked Slalom – Boys 2014-02-22-Sunset -Banked Slalom – Team Girls 2014-02-22-Sunset -Banked Slalom – Team Boys 2014-02-22-Sunset -Banked Slalom – Team Summary 2014-02-22-Sunset -Boardercross – Girls 2014-02-22-Sunset -Boardercross – Boys

Sunset BS/SBX 2/22/14

Here are the results for Metro’s Banked Slalom and Bodercross competition: 2014-02-22-Metro -Banked Slalom – Individual 2014-02-22-Metro -Banked Slalom – Team 2014-02-22-Metro -Boardercross – Girls 2014-02-22-Metro -Boardercross – Boys

Metro BS/SBX 2/22/14