The OISA Board is comprised of volunteers who feel passionately about snowboarding and the opportunity which we provide for our members. Currently our Board consists of the following members:

Ben is unaware that he’s not “OISA King Ben Beavon

Ben Beavon – President
Joined Board: 2013

Ben grew up in Bozeman, Montana where he coached for 7 years at Bridger Bowl. He moved to Mt. Hood and began coaching with the OISA in the fall of 2009. His winters consist of coaching the Sandy Snowboard Team as well as coaching with Timberline Freestyle and working at the Next Adventure. During the summer months he coaches for Timberline Summer Snow Camps, and fills in the off months doing new and remodel construction work. Aside from snowboarding, Ben works on old bicycles, hits jumps on new ones, and has started coaching biking as well. Snowboarding has had a very positive influence on Ben’s life in high school and since. He continues to work with the OISA because it is a great way to share the sport and the outdoors with current high school students.

Jamie Krueger – Sunset League
Joined Board 2015

Jamie’s grandparents met in the ’30s riding in the back of an ambulance up Loveland Pass in Colorado and made sure that their children and grandchildren spent as much time on the mountain as possible. It was on one of those trips in the mid 80s that they paid for a snowboard lesson and rental. After a couple of seasons in Big Bear in the 90s, Jamie moved back to Colorado, then within a couple of years had the opportunity to relocate to Portland for work and has been here since. Mt Hood & Mt Bachelor provide ample opportunity for progression in various conditions leading to well rounded snowboarders. He’s excited to be working with the OISA to help develop our young men & women into confident riders that find fun in all of the challenges in our 10 month season.

Lisa Reid – Secretary
Joined Board: 2016

Lisa started boarding in the mid 80’s at Mt. Ashland where she was frequently stranded at the top of the run while a liftie borrowed her board for a trial run to see how it worked.  Her winters are spent on the snow and summers find her backpacking, hiking, and camping.  To support these habits, she is a teacher for deaf and hard of hearing students throughout Yamhill County.  Lisa raised a Boa Constrictor named Joey that grew to six feet long.  She never did get Sea-Monkeys.  She can roll her tongue and roll her ‘R’s but she can’t whistle.  She loves cinnamon bears and is the only person in the known world who does not drink coffee.  Her claim to fame is that she set her school’s flex arm hang record in 5th grade. 

Rhonda Kittredge profile pic

Rhonda was the hero we needed when it was time to handle the finances.

Rhonda Kittredge Treasurer
Joined Board: 2019

Rhonda introduced her son and his friends to snowboarding in 2008.  They loved snowboarding so much, Rhonda and her friend started a team for the Beaverton area high school students.  That snowboard team evolved into what is now Westside Riders Association and includes students from all six Beaverton School District high schools.  Rhonda joined OISA in 2019 as Treasurer.  During the summer, Rhonda enjoys hiking and going to the beach with her family and 3 dogs.

Jen Miller

Jen did such a great job running top of course for Three Rivers that she had no option but to join the board when asked. Thanks Jen!

Jen Miller – Three Rivers League
Joined Board: 2018

I was born in California and split my time between Idaho and California. I started skiing when I was 3 in McCall Idaho. That is where my love of the mountain started.  I have 2 beautiful daughters and I taught both of them how to ski. Fast forward my oldest daughter Kyli one day taught herself to snowboard and then joined the West Linn High Snowboard team and the rest is history!  I enjoy being up in comp days and helping the teams!  I loved watching Kyli excel at a sport see loves!  I will always be a skier amongst all the snowboarders!!!

Adam Reiss OISA Southern President

Adam enjoys board Zoom meetings more than the rest of us combined.

Adam Reiss – Southern League
Joined Board: 2018

I have been snowboarding for over 30 years and our entire family snowboards.  I am president of the OISA Southern League and the Medford Snowboard team.  My wife Dawn and I have 3 children, Lexy who is a junior at Lewis and Clark, Kayla who is a freshman at University of Colorado Boulder, and Deryk a 7th grader at Hedrick middle school.  The entire family snowboards and in the summer we wake board and wake surf as well.  We have a variety of pets.  I am an avid NY Yankee fan (native New Yorker) and I collect classic cars and motorcycles.

Please take note of the gloves, shorts & early 90s food grab.

Todd Mobley – Gorge
Joined Board: 2017

Todd started snowboarding during high school in the late 80’s on Mt. Hood and Mt. Bachelor. He worked hard to keep a few midweek days open for snowboarding during college and quickly learned that if he was leaving the parking lot at Mt. Bachelor 22 minutes before class started, he could make it on time. Even on powder days. Now he’s a traffic engineer and small business owner. Refusing to let the corporate world get him down, he became involved with the OISA in 2014 when his son was a freshman. He has seven bicycles and two unicycles, which his wife thinks is excessive.

Birte von Kampen-Balderas

Birte decided a fun quarantine project would be to jump in to help salvage the season. Thanks Birte!

Birte von Kampen-Balderas – Metro League
Joined Board: 2020

I grew up in Northern Germany and started snowboarding in the early 90’s after moving to Portland via a short stint in Los Angeles to attend art school.  I am self taught and still can’t ride switch! I taught my kids to board when they were young. In 2016, I made my daughter sign up for the Lincoln Snowboard team, and we found “our people”. My Volunteer Career took off after making coffee runs on competition days. Besides interning with OISA, I currently manage Lincoln High School SB Team, and acting as secretary for Metro League. When I am not actively house wifing, working, or volunteering, I can be found in my happy place: either on a mountain, on the ocean, or in the ocean. I love sailing, gardening, and building things that are not always functional. To support my work-life balance, I build props and sets for photo and video productions. My free lance schedule allows me to tend to powder days or the perfect surf on an uncrowded weekday. My superpower: I can hang ten on a one foot wave and am really good at making spreadsheets. My kids and I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to be part of this incredibly positive community, while growing as people and snowboarders. I am looking forward to helping out on the OISA Board with whatever is needed to support our current and future high school riders.