The OISA Board is comprised of volunteers who feel passionately about snowboarding and the opportunity which we provide for our members. Currently our Board consists of the following members:

Ben is unaware that he's not "OISA King Ben Beavon

Ben is unaware that he’s not “OISA King Ben Beavon

President: Ben Beavon – Gorge League
Joined Board: 2013

Ben grew up in Bozeman, Montana where he coached for 7 years at Bridger Bowl. He moved to Mt. Hood and began coaching with the OISA in the fall of 2009. His winters consist of coaching the Sandy Snowboard Team as well as coaching with Timberline Freestyle and working at the Next Adventure. During the summer months he coaches for Timberline Summer Snow Camps, and fills in the off months doing new and remodel construction work. Aside from snowboarding, Ben works on old bicycles, hits jumps on new ones, and has started coaching biking as well. Snowboarding has had a very positive influence on Ben’s life in high school and since. He continues to work with the OISA because it is a great way to share the sport and the outdoors with current high school students.

Fred can often be found with a backpack full of goodies to share from some of generous sponsors. So if you see him on a comp day, ask for a Kind bar.

Fred can often be found with a backpack full of goodies to share from some of generous sponsors. So if you see him on a comp day, ask for a Kind bar.

Joined Board: 2009
Wilson High School Snowboard Team director/advisor.

This wil be Fred’s 7th year involved with OISA and 5th year as OISA board member. Fred also serves as the Metro League president. Fred is a professional roofing contractor and claims to be a JEDI. He can be found snowboarding in the winter and mountain biking or on his stand up paddle board in the Summer. All about the Fun!!

Danielle Elmore

Secretary: Danielle Elmore – sunset League
Joined Board: 2018

I suppose Danielle needs to know she has to now provide a biography

Cheri is not quite the enigma wrapped up in mystery that this photo makes her out to be. She just hasnt been told that she needs to provide one.

Toni Darnall-Shackleton.


Toni Darnall=Shackleton – Gorge League
Joined Board: 2017

Bio Coming Soon

Clyde Burton

Clyde burton – Three Rivers League
Joined Board: 2018

Brian Jimenez – Southern League
Joined Board: 2017

Brian’s the coach that brought 4 years of state domination to Ashland High School.

Please take note of the gloves, shorts & early 90s food grab.

Todd Mobley – Gorge
Joined Board: 2017

Todd started snowboarding during high school in the late 80’s on Mt. Hood and Mt. Bachelor. He worked hard to keep a few midweek days open for snowboarding during college and quickly learned that if he was leaving the parking lot at Mt. Bachelor 22 minutes before class started, he could make it on time. Even on powder days. Now he’s a traffic engineer and small business owner. Refusing to let the corporate world get him down, he became involved with the OISA in 2014 when his son was a freshman. He has seven bicycles and two unicycles, which his wife thinks is excessive.

Lisa Reid – Sunset Leauge
Joined Board: 2016

Lisa started boarding in the mid 80’s at Mt. Ashland where she was frequently stranded at the top of the run while a liftie borrowed her board for a trial run to see how it worked.  Her winters are spent on the snow and summers find her backpacking, hiking, and camping.  To support these habits, she is a teacher for deaf and hard of hearing students throughout Yamhill County.  Lisa raised a Boa Constrictor named Joey that grew to six feet long.  She never did get Sea-Monkeys.  She can roll her tongue and roll her ‘R’s but she can’t whistle.  She loves cinnamon bears and is the only person in the known world who does not drink coffee.  Her claim to fame is that she set her school’s flex arm hang record in 5th grade. 

Jamie's boonie hat quiver is almost as large as his snowboard quiver even if he really only needs one, maybe two, of each.

Jamie’s boonie hat quiver is almost as large as his snowboard quiver even if he really only needs one, maybe two, of each.

Jamie Krueger – Sunset League
Joined Board 2015

Jamie’s grandparents met in the ’30s riding in the back of an ambulance up Loveland Pass in Colorado and made sure that their children and grandchildren spent as much time on the mountain as possible. It was on one of those trips in the mid 80s that they paid for a snowboard lesson and rental. Fortunately trying (and failing) to ride a poma lift on a snowboard wasn’t traumatizing enough to scare him off completely. Unfortunately it wasn’t until 2 years later that he was able to give it another go, this time much more successfully. After a couple of seasons instructing in Big Bear in the 90s, Jamie moved back to Colorado, then within a couple of years had the opportunity to relocate to Portland for work and hasn’t looked back. The mountains of the Pacific Northwest breeds riders with an amazing style, and although Jamie has none of that, he’s excited to be working with the OISA to help develop our young men & women into confident riders that find fun in all of our conditions and challenges.